In addition to being the year that I was born, ’71 was also the street number of the house where I grew up.

71 was a place where we all worked hard, but played hard too.  Where you were always surrounded by family and always supported, no matter what.

71 was a place where family came first.  Where we all had different ideas, yet one common goal.

71 was a place where our friends wanted to come and were always welcome.

Where the food my mother prepared was great, and the good times always prevailed.

It is with that spirit that we say… WELCOME TO PUB 71

The Mayors of PUB 71

Tim Gampel, 2012 Mayor
Tim Gampel, 2012 Mayor

Mayor of my favorite Pub. It is my privilege now to toast three of my favorite things; Guinness, friends and Pub 71.

It only takes four ingredients, in the proper environment, to make a great beer.

The same can be said for a great Pub.

Here are my four ingredients:

The Staff, past and current, who’ve created and maintain this excellent   environment, and who have become my friends.

Old friends, who I’ve brought to this Pub.

New friends, who I’ve met at this Pub.

The thoughts and memories of friends not present, who have enjoyed many, many hours with me at this Pub.

Please join me now in an Irish toast:

My friends are the best friends

Loyal, willing and able.

Now let’s get to drinking!

All glasses off the table!


marco-n-jennTheir lives in the corner of Brookhaven,
A Pub that is known for its patrons misbehaving

Always quick with a pour,
Your guaranteed for sure

That Justin will mix you a shot,
That tomorrow morning you’ll regret a lot

It’s a place where the beer is forever cold,
And the food is oh so bold

So here’s to the PUB,
That’s become the hub

For many young and old
And especially for those that love their Guinness cold

Now lets raise our glasses
Before we get drunk of our asses

And a toast to the host and every other drunk here tonight.

tom-buchananWelcome everyone to Pub 71, my home away from home.

Why do we come here? For the drinks? Naaa, you can get a drink at a thousand places in town. For the food? Noo, the food is grand, but there’s many a place to get a good meal. So why are we here?

I can think of 28 good reasons. Why 28? ‘Cause that’s how many people work here at Pub 71. For me and the regulars, we come here because of the warm, welcoming staff, especially the ladies: Kristina, Hannah, Farrah, Kelly,Kim, Courtney, Tiffany and Amanda. Or if you like, Amanda,Tiffany, Courtney, Kim, Kelly, Farrah, Hannah and Kristina.

But let’s give the guys the credit they’re due; good men they all are.

So please join me in a Gaelic toast to the staff of Pub 71. The traditional Gaelic toast is “Slainte!” which means “The best of health”.

So raise your glass in a toast to the staff of Pub 71, and repeat after me,


johnEvery year on the third Friday of February people across the world gather and raise their glasses as part of the GREAT GUINNESS TOAST!

As we gather here tonight at Pub 71 and raise our glasses, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re thankful for all the friends we’ve made here over the past couple of years. We can all agree that this has become a place for good times, great laughs and great friends.

Say Cheers to the great people that work here – they always do a great job for all of us

Say Cheers to the friends that couldn’t make it tonight – hope to see you soon

And finally, Cheers to everyone that’s here – new friends, old friends and friends down the road


Bless this Pub, oh Lord we pray,
Keep the drinks pouring night and Day.
Look after Robert and Colm and Dan and Jerry,
Keep them pulling the pints that keep us so merry.

Today is St. Practice day, the day of the toast,
Guinness drinkers world wide will be saluting their host.
So, come one and all and raise up your ale,
To Pub 71, where good times always prevail.

To Pub 71



kevinHere’s to the water, roast, hops and yeast that pass thru St. James Gate in Dublin to become our pint of Guinness.

Here’s to the strangers, in search of a pint, that pass thru the threshold of Pub 71 to become our companions, our friends and our family.

And, here’s to our friends and family that pass thru ourlives to become our meaning, our purpose and our reason.

I don’t need another reason to have another pint.